Thank you.

Thank you for volunteering. Thank you for contributing. Thank you for your kind thoughts, messages, prayers, and ideas. Thank you for voting. Thank you for giving Carmelo Garcia and me the opportunity to join my mentor and idol, Brian P. Stack, in representing the 33rd Legislative District in the State Legislature. We worked hard, and it feels good.

The work we will be doing in the State Legislature will affect the lives of the nearly 8.9 million people of New Jersey. It is an incredible responsibility that I will not take lightly. While I’ll always appreciate feedback or praise when you agree with my positions or applaud my efforts, I value and anticipate your input and criticisms when you disagree. The legislative process is fluid and ever changing, and feedback and ideas are critical. Just have solutions in mind and come prepared…because I will be. I will read and critically analyze the proposed laws before me. I will be attentive to detail. And I will work tirelessly for the 33rd Legislative District and zealously advocate for my constituents.

Ours is the most densely populated and ethnically diverse legislative district in the state, and I am humbled and privileged beyond words.

Despite Hudson County's historically shark-infested political waters, we made a commitment at the outset that we would run a clean, issue-oriented campaign. We kept that promise, and I want to thank our Republican opponents, Jude Tiscornia and Armando Hernandez, for returning the courtesy. I congratulate them for a hard-fought campaign and welcome their counsel in the coming months. In Trenton, we will not replicate the discord and dysfunction that sadly has become characteristic of Washington. Senator Stack, Assemblyman-elect Garcia, and I will proudly represent the entire district -- those who voted for us, and those who did not -- and we congratulate Governor Christie on an awe-inspiring victory. Congrats also to Senator Buono for a valiant and dignified effort and for a dedicated career of public service in which she should take immense pride.

Here's one line that would have appeared whether this was a celebratory or somber message, although I'm glad it's the former. To my family and friends, I love you, and I'm truly blessed.

Del fondo de mi corazón, muchas gracias!

Best regards,

Raj Mukherji


State Assemblyman/Deputy Speaker, New Jersey Legislature